For The Love of Travel

Travelling may be temporarily off the table, but there are other ways to satisfy our #wanderlust. How…? We’ve listed some ideas below to ease your pain. Consider it waiting therapy… You’re welcome. 😉

  1. #ThrowbackThursday
Picture of a boy sitting on a Curio suitcase on a deserted road.

Dig up old travel photos and start reminiscing. What was your favourite place of all time?

Btw, did you not promise yourself to make a scrapbook about that amazing backpacking trip too? Well now is the time!

2. Reconnect. Digitally.

View of a music festival with lots of people watching the stage

While looking back at those cherished memories…  Who was with you on that amazing trip? Or who did you meet?

Time to reconnect with them digitally and check how they’re doing. We bet they are dreaming about a do-over as much as you are!

3. Update your (travel) bucket list

Picture of the Venice canals in Italy

By now we know you’re fully convinced you need that next trip to happen asap.

Start with updating your bucket list. Will you save up for an exotic holiday destination or will you jump on the train to the nearest city for a break? So many possibilities!

4. Waiting Music

Luggage charging a phone with passports sitting on top

The perfect trip deserves its own playlist! Have a look at that bucket list and start adding matching songs for each destination. You’ll always have the greatest tunes with you when going from one continent to the other.

5. Indoor suitcase race

Small child sitting on a Dream Rider kid's bee-themed suitcase

Let’s face it; all this travel talk is driving you insane. Well let’s get a little crazy and take out your suitcase for a spin.

Line up your kids, pets or go for it yourself and RACE. The key to a smooth win is to skillfully manoeuvre around. Our Dream Rider cases are definitely race-worthy, and are a triple-threat by being both a suitcase, a toy-holder and a RACE CAR!

5. Life-Changing Reads

A woman reading a book.

Books are known to inspire and act as their own “getaway” for the mind. So order that amazing travel book you keep hearing about!

Try out a top favourite from Canada’s own modern-day explorer, Kate Harris’ memoir “Lands of Lost Borders: A Journey on the Silk Road“, a book about her year of cycling along the fabled Silk Road.

Or read the book, see the movie, with “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed – a novel about her solo travel along the Pacific Crest Trail which runs from Canada to Mexico. Adapted into a movie staring Reese Witherspoon, the book was also on Oprah’s Book Club list.

7. When life calls, be ready…

Luggage filled with pink & flowery belongings

It’s the American Tourister tagline and our own personal motto that we live by… When life calls, be ready! Are you ready to pack up and leave as soon as we’re allowed to?

Just in case, we advise you to put your suitcase within reach and to fill it up with the essentials. With our large range of designs, it’s a fashion statement, really.

But in the meantime, let’s keep it indoors & enjoy the wait… With the promise of better times & travel ahead of us!

Stay safe,
Your friends at Samsonite Canada


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