Holiday Travel Tips

From the Samsonite Canada family

The holiday season is upon us, and for many, that includes travelling to visit family. We have a lot of experience travelling here at Samsonite Canada, and as such, we thought we’d share our list of holiday travel tips with you!

Toy suitcase with lots of travel-related stickers on it, laying in the snow
Samsonite Canada employees share their holiday travel tips!

Nick – from our Sales team

To maximize on space in your luggage do not fold your clothing, always roll it into neat rolls instead. Not only do you maximize on space, but you also minimize on wrinkles. Don’t try this with your leather shoes or sneakers!  😊

Suitcase packed with rolled clothes, an Apple laptop and a set of headphones
Roll your clothes to maximize space and minimize wrinkles

Anisa – from our Ecommerce team

Buy a couple of $20 generic gift cards to bring with you to your family gathering – you never know who is going to be there that you weren’t accounting for!

Two gift cards
Visit our Samsonite Retail Stores to buy gift cards

Jeroen – from our Product team

For car travel, use cardboard boxes when transporting presents – it protects the presents, is more convenient for carrying the presents AND they can be used again to carry presents home after the party!

Tires work better if they are properly inflated – check them before travelling in cold weather as the tire pressure can drop. Also keep some blankets and a shovel in the car in case you get storm-stayed on the side of the road.

A woman holding a haphazard mix of presents in her arms
Re-purpose cardboard boxes to transport gifts to & from your holiday gathering

Lisa – from our Sales team

If staying at a hotel, check their website to see if the rooms include slippers and a robe, so you can cut down on packing. And don’t forget to pack small activity gifts for the kids to open and play along the way!

A woman stretching as she wakes up in her robe in a hotel room
See what the hotel provides, so you can pack less

Richard – from our Design team

Bring a battery pack for extra juice during long journeys, and use packing cubes when sharing a suitcase, to keep everyone’s belongings separate and neatly packed!

Most importantly, don’t stress over a hectic travelling season – take a couple of minutes to calm your mind with some meditation.

A Silhouette 16 HS Spinner Carry-On case, with the USB port plugged into a phone which is charging.
Silhouette 16 HS Spinner Carry-On. Photo courtesy of @zestystyleonthego

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