Employee Trip Recommendation: Prague, Czech Republic

From Erin in our Marketing Department

Prague seems to be a city often overlooked by North American travellers.  It’s like there’s an old-fashion connection to the area and travellers assume it is a cold, grey city – when it couldn’t be further from the truth!

Lonely Planet states it is the “equal of Paris in terms of beauty”, and I couldn’t agree more!  With an incredible history, a wide variety of activities and cheap beer, this is definitely a city you’re going to want to visit.

Prague Castle

It might surprise you that Prague Castle has been designated as a UNESCO monument and the Guinness World Records has said it is the largest coherent castle complex in the world!  With over 1000 years of history there are lots of old buildings to discover (don’t miss the incredible St. Vitus Cathedral!), music & art exhibits to tour, and a spectacular view overlooking the city!  I would highly recommend taking Tram no.22 to Prague Castle (Pražský hrad), and after touring the grounds follow the Old Castle Stairs down to where you can explore more of the city.

Charles Bridge

While it can get pretty busy between the tourists, artists and buskers, Charles Bridge is a must-see for anyone visiting Prague.  Made a pedestrian bridge after WWII, it is lined with amazing Baroque statues and flanked by impressive Gothic towers that you will want to see up close.  It also has a beautiful view up and down the river below – enjoy a river cruise if the fancy strikes!

Traditional Beer Hall

If you’re looking for a traditional Czech Beer Hall, look no further than U Fleků, Prague’s most famous brewery. Seating 1200 people, you can expect to be immersed in a lively atmosphere, making friends with those seated around you at the community tables. It boasts 8 separate dining halls and has been brewing beer continuously for over 500 years!

City of a Hundred Spires

Looking across the city, this nickname for the capital of Czech Republic is actually quite understated. In my opinion, one of the best views of the city is from Vysehrad Castle. Located high above the city, Vysehrad offers a quieter escape from the city than Prague Castle, but still has lots to offer including a large expanse of parkland. If it’s nice weather and you’re getting hungry, be sure to try Hospůdka Na hradbách beer garden. With fresh-grilled meats & veggies, great prices, and picnic tables overlooking the city, this is a hidden gem that will have you basking in the Czech charm that is Vysehrad!

World War History

Prague was occupied by the Nazis in WWII and was considered an important city to them, thus keeping it in better shape than many other occupied areas during that time period.  Because of this, the area is rich in WWII history with lots of information and tours to discover.

The Jewish Quarter in the Old Town was once the largest Jewish ghetto in Europe, and includes a cemetery, museum and multiple synagogues, all within a comfortable walking distance of each other. The old Jewish Cemetery is definitely worth the admission price alone (which is less than $18 CAD at the time this was posted), with approximately 12,000 gravestones all packed into a fairly small area.

If you are interested in the World Wars and would like to venture outside the city, then you should take a daytrip to Terezin, which became a Jewish ghetto and prison for Jews, gypsies and political prisoners during WWII. The Nazis were known to use the ghetto for promotional purposes, bringing in music and such when the cameras were around, in an effort to convince the Red Cross that everyone was being treated well. A trip to Terezin today paints a much different picture of that era however; teaching visitors about the horrendous living conditions and with approximately 87,000 of its former “residents” being sent to concentration camps.

Astronomical Clock

Prague’s famous Astronomical Clock is the oldest working clock in the world – for over 600 years!  Besides showing the time, it also shows the date, position of celestial bodies, astronomical cycles and even Christian holidays.  Every hour at the Old Town Hall the show begins, and you’ll see a collection of characters move, appear and disappear as the clock works its magic.  Definitely one of the most famous of Prague’s sights!  Get there early and enjoy a drink or lunch at one of the many cafes nearby.

Here’s a little secret for you… If you love Astronomical Clocks, take an easy train ride from Prague to Olomouc. Kind of like a “mini” Prague, this city is a university town that boasts its own clock in the main square and is really worth spending a few days discovering!

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