5 Rainy Day Adventures

With the excitement of warm weather just around the corner, we often end up home-bound because of the inevitable rain that comes along with those Spring months.  But don’t let the rain get you down!  Here are 5 ideas you can enjoy for some fun, rainy day adventures!

Visit a local tourist attraction

We often take our local attractions for granted – directing tourists to vist here & there, but never actually going ourselves.  Use a rainy day to visit that museum exhibit you keep hearing about, or the local gallery display your neighbour is connected with, or the new cheese shop around the corner.  You will not only be supporting your local community, but you might surprise yourself with how cool your city or town really is!

Try out a new recipe 

If you really want to stay at home, but aren’t the couch-potato type, why not pull out one of your cookbooks and try making (or baking) a new recipe?  A rainy day is perfect for trying a more complicated meal that you might be slightly intimidated by – and hey, if it doesn’t work out then try out a new restaurant instead!

Go for a drive

While the skies might be grey, rain can bring out the vivid colours of nature (think green grass, dark brown bark, etc.) and make everything look “fresh” again. Go for a drive… well anywhere – and don’t forget your camera in case you catch a glimpse of a double rainbow! Take a backpack with snacks & a jacket in case you drive by a place that peaks your interest along the way. (Try out the High Sierra OTC Weekender Backpack which has water-resistant zippers and a hybrid soft/hard construction that will keep your camera safe, but still be comfortable for you to wear).

Pitch a tent

If you know a lighter rain is coming, then do something “crazy” and pitch a tent in your backyard! There’s nothing more soothing then the sound of rain on a tent roof. Cuddle up with your honey to make it a romantic date for two, with warm blankets, a thermos of hot chocolate, books for you both and a battery-operated radio to play your favourite tunes.

Embrace the rain

Who says kids are the only ones who can enjoy playing in the rain?  Put on your favourite pair of Wellies and your brightest-coloured rain jacket, grab your Samsonite umbrella and go jump in some puddles!  Taking a walk on a rainy day often comes with that fresh scent of Mother Nature, the peaceful sound of rain falling on the tree leaves and normally busy paths are wide open for your enjoyment.

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